Have your own cinema experience

Crystal Vision specialise in all aspects of Home Cinema entertainment, and integrating it into your home. We can install projectors, wall-mounted plasma and LCD TVs, high-definition AV amplifiers and speakers, and everything needed to provide the complete Home Cinema experience!

 We have over 25yrs experience in this field so give us a call on 07737 811 381 now for an informal chat regarding your install.


Working seamlessly in the background while you unwind and enjoy the full benefits.

Home Cinema Systems allow you to experience your favourite movies and TV shows in rich high-definition surround-sound and ultra-clear high-definition picture-quality, providing a breath-taking viewing -- again and again! Whether you want an upgrade or a new element added to an existing system, or a complete Home Cinema system installed, we'll be very happy to offer our services!

Our installations are individual, we'll need to visit where you intend the system to be installed to carry out a site survey first.

We've even installed a home cinema system for the high profile stunt director Vic Armstong  - www.vicarmstrong.com

Extract from Home Cinema Magazine:-

"Having started out in satellite TV installation, the Gough's had built a rep through word of mouth then moved into hi-fi installation and eventually home cinema. Their latest client, however, was an industry insider, a �stuntman� who happened to be an old friend of their dad�s and who they had known since they were kids. So far, so intriguing. But when John let slip that he was talking about Vic Armstrong, we just had to get a look at his place..."  photos of our installation below: